This post shows proof that one must not completely rely on Google to remove all fraudulent clicks  even after requesting removal of fraudulent clicks through Adwords chat support.


On July 1  I ran a single campaign in which I micromanaged to watch click counts in real time. I stopped the campaign when it reached 66 clicks. By the way I wanted to stop the clicks way sooner than 66 but for some reason  in  past  months the clicks and impressions have been delaying for long periods of time. I used to be able to refresh the page of my account and I would see a new impression and click count.

Anyway, after stopping the campaign the click count on my Google Analytics account was around 22 while the click count of fraudulent clicks on my Google Adwords account was 80-86.   I contacted chat support to point out the fraudulent clicks. He convinced me to check the account tomorrow and all the fraudulent clicks should be removed by that time.

It is now July 3rd and I see that SOME clicks where removed,  but not even half. The Adwords click count now shows 76 on the date of July 1 when it should show no more than my Google analytics account which is 22 clicks on July 1st. Please view the screenshots below.

July 1st Google Analytics Click Count

July 1st Google Adwords Click Count

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