Local Services Website Rentals

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WEEKLY RENTALS – $7 ( 1 Dollar a day )

The goal of this site rental service is to allow immediate web presence for the small local craiglist type service providers that don’t yet have the web presence. We are currently offering website rentals for Mobile Mechanics, Hair & Beauty, and Dog walkers and more…

Mobile Mechanic

Dog Walker

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Hair & Beauty

Air Conditioning

Delivery Hauler

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Coming Soon

Rent by the week. Free hosting. Free site maintenance. Get immediate web presence to reach more clients for your services.

(Please note: Rentals do not include site files and admin access is limited. Rental sites can be purchased in full to own the site files.)

For a small one man local service getting a website can be timely and costly plus it is a commit ment that can be costly if its not kept up. But still it would be very benificial to have that web presents. Renting a website eliminates all the worries listed above.

Each rental site will have a similar layout displaying your most popular services. A contact form  and an image in the background will also be added. Customizations are available upon request.

Getting your local services seen on Google Maps is free for everyone but it requires a website. These rent sites allows immediate accesss to use Google My Business and for your services to be seen on Google maps.

A website presents shows establishment and commitment to your services. Market your rental site on your social sites and Craigslist.

SEM pay per click services are available upon request. Get traffic to the services on your site from people who are currently searching for your specific service.